A Review of Heidar Baba Ice Cream:

The beautiful whispers and nice song of ice cream production has been heard from Tabriz since long years ago and the odor of Heidar Baba Ice Cream was an annunciation for the tasteful people of Tabriz and brought freshness to this land. This ice cream was produced and distributed under the name of Vahdat Ice Cream, but later its name was changed to Heidar Baba because of our high interest in Azerbaijan. Heidar Baba Ice Cream Production Company was founded in Tabriz in Choostdoozan Quarter in Ostad Jafari Street by Mr. Haj Mohammad Bagher and. Mr. Behrouz Shamsalizadeh and Shamsalizadeh brothers (Behrouz, Parviz, Samad and Ebrahim Shamsalizadeh) did their best to make this ice cream famous all over the country. At that time, ice cream was produced in a workshop in Tabriz and the management of Heidar Baba Ice Cream managed to produce different types of ice creams (milk stick, ice stick, cup, cone and winter ice cream) with semi-automatic machineries with different flavors and high quality and satisfy its tasteful customers.

The production cycle and attempts continued and in 1994, these activities were developed in the framework of an industrial unit and factory with name of Shirin Shekar Pasteurized Ice Cream in Shahid Salimi Industrial Area of Tabriz with its ever-increasing endeavors and started its activities as the first factory for producing pasteurized and homogenized ice cream using full automatic machineries in Azerbaijan. Then it continued quantitative and qualitative development of its products with its efficient management and experienced personnel. It should be mentioned that Heidar Baba Ice Cream has the first holder of Iran National Standard in Azerbaijan Ice Cream Production Industry. Heidar Baba Ice Cream is one of the pioneers of this industry in producing a new ice cream called “Shan Asal Ice Cream” and Cup Ice Cream special for parties (rectangular ice cream) in Iran. Today, Shirin Shekar Pasteurized Ice Cream Production Company produces new stick ice creams (extruded type and moulded type), ice cream in wafer, cup, in containers based on liters, winter ice cream, cotton candy, morsel cotton candy with Heidar Baba Trademark with different and tasty flavors. This company established a new company with the name of Shirin Laban Azar Pasteurized Dairy Products in 2004 in order to accomplish its developmental objectives and we will witness the initiation of this complex and production of different types of dairy products. God! Please give me what is good for me.

I request God Almighty to:
Give us calmness to accept what we cannot change,
Give us courage to change what we can change     
Give us perception to distinguish the difference of these two     
Give us realization not to expect the world and its people to treat us as we like.     

Thank you for your good choice We are waiting to receive your suggestions and criticisms to help us improve the quality of out products.

Policy & Mission

Heidar Baba ice cream has always considered its customers and users as its most valuable property and wealth and has tried to be loyal and satisfy their changing needs and respond the revolutions of the market. Now that our customers believe in us, the responsibility of Heidar Baba is very important and this cause us to do our best to gather good knowledge about the role of nutrition to help for improvement of quality of life through improving the nutritional value of our products and also provide the health of the families and countrymen from all aspects. Heidar tries to Baba complex wants accomplish the following objectives to fulfill the increasing needs of the country’s industry under the present and future conditions and be present in world markets, increase the competitive capacity, desirable development and move towards continuous improvement of quality systems and their efficiency to Increase:
  •     Increase the quantity, quality and type of its products
  •     Develop its activities for selling its products in national and international level
  •     Promoting the knowledge and skills of its personnel using continuous trainings
  •     Improving the production technology of its products according to the technology of the day
  •     Increasing the satisfaction of customers giving the priority to the health and safety of products

The Secret of Success

Heidar Baba Complex owes its success to the assistance of God Almighty, its good relations with its customers, distinguishing their needs, using their useful experiences and ideas, creativity and innovation in developmental plans of products and the related processes, optimal use of the available facilities, desirable performance, high quality of raw materials and its product and the perseverance and endeavors of its efficient and valuable personnel.

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